Erika Wilk reads at the festival kickoff reading inside the backroom of Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library.

Patrick Thomas Jeffries rocks the kickoff.

Helen Graziano also conquers the kickoff.

Scott Kaestner issues some poetic cool to the kickoff.

Christopher Flores creates acute poetry factor at the kickoff.

Sharon Rizk's upclose and personal poetry at the kickoff.

James Maverick seizes the audience at the kickoff.

Mona Jean Cedar confirms it's poetry time at the kickoff.

Mike the Poet powers poetry to the back of the room at the kickoff.

Alicia imparts poetry at the kickoff.

Phil Turner initiates Pasadena City College's mystic presence at the kickoff.

Alessandro employs poetry at the kickoff.

Jacklyn Dickens continues the PCC parade of poetry at the kickoff.

Michael McLaughlin came down from SLO to move the kickoff.

Gina adds to the sizable PCC representation at the kickoff.

Terry McCarty makes sure the SFV is part of the kickoff.

Ana Garay also provides PCC poetry at the kickoff.

Vinci does too.

Leah Bach completes the PCC participation in the kickoff.

Joe Milosch brings poetry from down south (San Diego) to the kickoff.

Deborah P Kolodji haikus poetic at the kickoff.

Jim Babwe distills poetry at the kickoff.

Jessica Joy Reveles delights the kickoff crowd.

Tony Peyser increases the wit of the kickoff celebration.

William Goldstein personifies poetry at the kickoff.

Mary Torregrossa gestures as well at the kickoff.

Marvin Dorsey kicks *** at the kickoff.

Michelle Angelini unleashes poetry at the kickoff.

Kingfisher kicks the kickoff.

Mina Kirby offers poetic emotion at the kickoff.

Lisa Marie Sandoval's dad shares a poem in his daughter's stead at the kickoff.

Festival tee shirt sales were brisk.

Karen Klingman won the drawing at the kickoff reading.

A packed Poetry and Cookies event at the Altadena Library.

The many faces of Richard Dutton on display at Poetry and Cookies.

Don Kingfisher Campbell reads to the Poetry and Cookies audience.

Marvin Dorsey was one of the featured poets for the Food of Poetry reading at Pita Pita.

Pictures from the Chopin with Cherries event are posted at this link >

Rosalee Thompson won the broadside contest.

Ed Barajas leads the walk through the Whittier Narrows Nature Preserve.

Featured poets Erika Ayon and Deborah P Kolodji with host Xochitl-Julissa Bermejo at the Whittier Narrows Nature Center.

Don Kingfisher Campbell performs at the Whittier Narrows Nature Center.

Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo led a children's poetry workshop at the San Gabriel Library.

Mary Torregrossa co-hosted the children's poetry workshop.

CaLokie reads as a representative of the SGV poetry scene at the Rapp Saloon.

And so does Eli Goitein.

Don Kingfisher Campbell and Marvin Dorsey traipse through Eaton Canyon for poetry.

CaLokie reading at the Eaton Canyon hike with Erika Wilk and that Kingfisher guy looking on.

Hike-Ku at Fish Canyon Falls participants > back: Kendall Evans, Susan Rogers; center: Peggy Castro, Deborah P Kolodji, Kraig Keeler, Victor P. Gendrano, James Won; front: Ash Baldon.

The Inner Four celebrate a successful poetry festival.

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